The 5 Best Half Helmet You Can Buy

When it comes to riding a bike, safety is the most important aspect. A helmet is mandatory for riding a motorcycle in various countries. If you were injured in an accident, your life could be ruined.

To avoid such events, preventive measures are required, and the best half helmet is one of them. Here are some of the best half helmets to ensure your safety.

Top 5 Best Half Helmets

Here we will tell you about some best systems for your on- or off-road rides. 

1. ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet

ILM is a DOT Approved helmet. It is an open-face helmet with a protective shield that can adjust according to need. The front mask also comes with it.

By attaching its fittings, it works like a full-face helmet. The User can enjoy his ride easily and comfortably with its sound ventilation system.

ILM 3/4 Half Helmet is ideal for men and women both. It is suitable for a cruiser, dirt bike, sports bike, scooter, etc.

 Key Features: 

· Meet all safety standards of DOT

· Comes with sun protecting shield

· Accessories are replaceable

· Go with Every type of bike

· Material is Acrylonitrile Styrene 


  • ILM open-face helmet is a Very comfortable product
  • · Sun visor of the helmet protects from direct sunlight
  • · Ventilation system help to breathe and enjoy 
  • · Chin and face guard are replaceable
  • · Best for both men and women
  • · Adjustable with every kind of bike (street bike, dirt bike, sports bike, etc.) 
  • · Meets all Safety criteria of DOT


  • Exact size is the only issue.

Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap

Daytona Helmet comes with a head cover cap for the User’s safety. Chin strap is removable. A Sun visor is also available with it, which is adjustable. Sun visors can protect the User from UV rays.

This beautiful helmet provides different colours and prints. Handling it is very easy because it is lightweight. With fantastic fitting, it has 3 sizes of shell.

Daytona helmets are very safe, comfortable, and stylish and meet the safety standards of DOT. These are best for every kind of bike (dirt bike, sports bike, street bike, etc.)

Key Features:

· Weight of the Item is two pounds

· Material is Acrylonitrile Styrene 

· Inner material is Polystyrene

· Many varieties of print and design


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • · Fabric of the skull top keeps your head cool and relax in hot weather
  • · Adjustable, User can adjust it according to his comfort level.
  • · Beautifully designed
  • · Sun protector saves the Rider from direct heat or sunlight
  • · Available in different sizes, designs and prints
  • · Easy to attach and detach with accessories
  • · Have 3 different shell sizes


  • Thicker and bulkier

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser

GLX M14 cruiser with a sun protection shield protects the User’s face and eyes from sun exposure. A protective shield protects the Rider from dust, insects, and wind.

With a vibrant design and advanced alignment, the M14 has a unique and lavish inner liner with soft fabric. The inner liner is washed, replaced, and removed. A quick-release chain is also available with it.

Bluetooth communication systems can attach and adjust their built-in curve, enhancing sound and voice quality. GLX covers all standards of DOT.

Key Features:

· The inner material is Polyester Fabric 

· Certified by DOT

· Colour is Black

· M14 weighs 2.1 pounds

· Perfect for Bluetooth communication system usage


  • GLX M14 Protects from UV rays with its sun visor
  • · The internal Fabric of the helmet is very comfortable
  • · Bluetooth communication system can attach to it 
  • · Inner top Fabric can be removed, washed and replace
  • · Very lightweight and comfy
  • · Fastened with a strap which can adjust according to the need of the User
  • · M14 is a very durable product
  • · Very easy to handle


  • Chin strap is small

VCOROS F-02 Motorcycle Half Helmet

VCOROS helmet is a high-quality product ideal for both men and women. Quality and safety requirements of the helmet are according to DOT.

The f-02 helmet comes in 12 vibrant colours and designs. The chin strap is adjustable for every shape of a face. The VCOROS helmet is perfect for Cycling, riding bikes (every type of bike), and outdoor sports.

Air vented system and inner padding with foam make it very comfortable for the User. The visor of the helmet protects from rain, sun, and dust. 

Key Features:  

· Available in 12 unique colours

· Have adjustable chin strip

· Approved by DOT

· Special size for Adults

· 2.4 pounds is its weight

· ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is its material

· Best for every type of ride


  • · F-02 is a high-quality product
  • · Available with a sun visor which helps to keep you safe from sunlight 
  • · This product is Lightweight
  • · The Chin strip can be removed and adjusted accordingly
  • · VCOROS F-02 comes in 12 beautiful and vibrant colours
  • · Men, as well as women, can also use it
  • · Have an excellent fitting property
  • · Highly recommended for adults
  • · Sun protecting shield can attach and detach in an easy way


  • Not suitable for use in extremely cold weather conditions.

VCAN Cruiser Solid Half-Face Helmet

 It is made from durable and tough plastic resistant to damage. VCAN provides a very stylish and lavish product with comfortable padding in it.

VCAN meets all the safety criteria of FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) and DOT. VCAN has 30+ years of experience in the helmet industry.

The outer material of this product is ABS thermoplastic. Thermoplastic resin shell exceeds the DOT standards. The inner padding of the helmet is comfortably fitted. This helmet can accommodate any road trip.

Key Features:

· Stylish And beautiful look

· The material is Thermoplastic resin

· The Colour is Dull Black

· United with chin strap and Sun visor

· Air-circulating properties

· Made by the world’s top 2 company

· VCAN has 30+ years experienced company


  • · VCAN helmet is a breathable and comfortable item
  • · DOT standards exceed ABS thermoplastic 
  • · A solid cruiser has a fantastic ventilation system
  • · Best for off-road rides and trips
  • · Made by 2nd top helmet manufacturing industry
  • · The Sun guard of the product protects from UV rays
  • · Very comfortable and washable internal padding
  • · Made with a thermoplastic resin of top quality 
  • · Counts in universal fit type
  • · Designed in a stylish way


  • · Looks big, or you can say a giant size

Things to Consider 

If you are looking for a half helmet, remember that there are many factors to consider. 

We know the selection of motorcycle helmets may take a little time and effort. But for your safety and protection, you must choose the correct helmet. 

You must consider the following points while buying a half helmet: 

Safety Standards

Whenever you think about any helmet, remember to check the safety standards. Helmets must be DOT (Department of Transportation Standard) approved.

 Quality of Material

Safety and protection depend on the material of the helmet. High-quality material will be durable and protect you from any injury in an accident. In comparison, low-quality material can be broken and cannot save you from any injury. 


While selecting a helmet, check the weight and material of the helmet. A lighter helmet is always easy to handle and does not make the neck sniff. The User remains comfortable in the rides even in the long rides · 

Fitting and Size

The helmet should be tight enough and fitting. Find the size of your head by measuring with tape. To figure out the right size, fasten the chin strip and move the helmet up and down. If you are feeling pressure at your temple, select a large number.

Other Factors

A few other factors are the following:

· The inner liner should be removable so they can be washed and replaced

· Shell size must be according to your head shape.

· All accessories, like a chin strap, sun visor, etc., should be according to your comfort level.

· Affordability is another point to be considered. Select according to your budget but never compromise on safety standards

· Some helmets are combined with goggles. Confirm their package detail before buying

· Helmets are available in various colours, designs, and prints. You can select according to your choice. 


What is the half-face helmet?

A half-face helmet covers the upper part of the head while the chin and face are open.

Do half helmets provide good protection?

Half helmets cover the head and ears and protect the brain and head from injury.

How to know your helmet size?

With a measuring tape, measure your forehead to the back.

Does the Sun visor cover only the eyes or the entire face?

 Mainly helmet visors cover the whole face leaving the bottom part open.


If you haven’t already, check out our guide on the best half helmets for riding. Here we discussed why it is so important to use a good helmet while riding, and ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmets are one of the best options for your specific needs. 

Be sure to equip yourself with the safest possible gear to enjoy your time on two wheels without injury.

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