Best Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmets | Hot or Cold Weather

Riding a dirt bike is an incredible experience but can also be dangerous. You must ensure your head is safe when you’re zooming down a trail or racing across the sands of a motocross track. That’s why ventilated dirt bike helmets are an essential piece of gear. They protect your head and face from debris, flying rocks, and other hazards when riding through the trails on your dirt bike. 

Staying calm and comfortable when you’re out on the trails is important. That’s why your choice for the best ventilated dirt bike helmet means a lot. Here we will help you to choose the best one available today. 

Top 6 and Best Ventilated Dirt Bike Helmets: 


Here are our picks for the five best-ventilated motorcycle helmets because having a helmet with good ventilation allows you to experience your dream ride.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our top 5 pics for a best ventilated dirt bike helmet.

Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet-Versatile Dirt Bike Helmet

Shoei is another trustworthy name that people recognize for manufacturing the finest quality and safe bike headwear. VFX-EVO helmet is one of their products, which is a modern and technologically advanced dirt bike helmet.

It comes with an Energy Distribution System (MEDS), which aims to cut down rotational force to your head in case of any mishap, thus minimizing the occurrence of a concussion or any injuries to the brain. The shell of the Helmet holds various layers of fiberglass. This makes it lightweight while maintaining top-quality standards.

Apart from this, it comes in ten color variations and versatile designs and sizes while offering the same shell thickness in each of its designs and sizes. Also, various vent ports at different positions and sizes ensure sufficient air flow within the shell so that the ventilation of the motorcycle helmet is not compromised and you remain calm and dry.

Key Features:

  • Due to fiberglass composition, the Helmet is lightweight.
  • Offers customized fitting to users as it comes in different shell sizes.
  • Focuses on ventilation and holds additional front vents and exhaust vents.
  • 3D Max-Dry liner system absorbing maximum moisture.
  • An enormous mouthpiece to enhance air intake.
  • Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS) to lessen the damage caused by rotational forces.


  • Variety of designs to choose from.
  • Good ventilation system.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Possess EQRS that safely promotes cheek pad removal when a serious crash occurs.
  • Has to mesh filters to avoid debris and dust.
  • Attractive design and colors.
  • Seven-year warranty and a five-year guarantee.


  •  It has proved a little noisy to users.

YEMA YM-925 Helmet ventilated dirt bike helmet:

Getting a helmet, for a person who used glasses seems impossible or difficult but with a YEMA YM-925 ventilated helmet it’s no more a problem. The quality protection from wind in cold weather with a budget price of this helmet seems impossible to get.

It’s a stylish helmet with advanced features where riders can remain fresh because of the ventilated system. Moreover, the DOT approved YM-925 helmet has also a particular space for Bluetooth communication system.

Not only this, the YM-925 is very lightweight and best for both men and women. Its quick release strip has made it easy to wear and remove.


  • Check pads of this helmet are easy to wash and remove.
  • Comes up with a replaceable inner cap.
  • Meet with all the safety standards of DOT.
  • Lavish design with anti scratch capability.
  • Fully adjustable that will protect you from heat but will allow you to block the breeze when it’s cold.


  • Fast relief buckle
  • Protected chin strip
  •  Very comfy and easy to handle
  • Wide and clear view
  • Suitable for dirt bikes, sports bikes, street bikes, and many more. 


  • Little noisy
  • Small sized

O’Neal – 0200-215 unisex-adult off-road style 2SERIES Helmet

Finding a helmet with a combination of low price and high quality is possible now as O’Neal is here. Everyone can afford and can get the benefits of the fantastic O’Neal adult 2 Series helmet.

The O’Neal is a trustable brand, which has a variety of helmets, but the 2 Series Helmet is a smooth and modernized model. The model has made with an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene shell with an extra lavish design. 

Unique accessories of the 2 Series helmet (sun visor, adjustable chin strap, and fasteners) make it more valuable. A nose guard provides good safety to the front of the face, and a lightweight helmet does not harm the neck, even on long rides. 


  • Lightweight yet Sturdy
  • Chin strip double D release
  • Colorful Graphics
  • Removable inner pad
  • Approved by DOT and ECE


  • Visor altitude is adjustable 
  • Colors and graphics are long-lasting
  • Stylish and unique design
  • A nose guard of rubber is available with it.
  • The ventilation system is impressive.


  •  Not suitable for mountain biking

LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Subverter 

Traveling in the narrow mountains and hills needs the best cooling and vent system. And undoubtedly the MX-Off Road Subverter provides excellent airflow and cooling. Moreover, you will find it perfect for hot weather.

Not only is this, wearing glasses with an LS2 helmet is very easy and comfortable because it has a vast eye-port. You can wear any size of goggles or sunglasses with it.

One of the best racing helmets, LS2Helmet will protect you even in a severe crash. As the safety criteria of the helmet are DOT and FMVSS-approved. 


  • The shell of the helmet is made with KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy)
  • ERS (Emergency Release System) removes side padding easily in case of any injury
  • Focused EPS
  • Available in Three shell sizes
  • Comes with double buckles 
  • Moisture controlling power


  • Best for off-road rides and trips
  • Easy to handle and manage
  • Provide clear vision
  • The inner cloth is removable and washable
  •  Available in different colors and designs
  • Flexible settings of accessories


  • Heavyweight

Bell Moto-9 Flex Dirt Bike Helmet:  

Many top brands have introduced advanced featured helmets for uni-sex adult helmets. Moto – 9 Flex Dirt is a top pick. It’s the most common type of helmet that professionals use with goggles for excellent protection and ventilation on an off-road ride.

Moto-flex comes up with DOT and smell certifications with a five years warranty. It doesn’t matter what type of head shape you may have, bell moto would be a perfect fit for you. With that its superior ventilation system makes it a more preferable choice for ventilated dirt bike helmets. 


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Lightweight: 1540 -1350g (size: Medium)
  • Maximum cooling is ensured through the velocity flow ventilation system in these helmets.
  • The padded Multi-layered protection shield is another key feature of the Moto-9 Flex Dirt Helmet.
  • Designed to manage linear and rotational energy to the head at different speed levels.
  • Budget-friendly as compared to other helmets.
  • Eject system ready with magnetic cheek pads. 


  • Equipped with a giant visor and accentuated chin-bar for better airflow.
  • Available in various composite materials, like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar.
  • Offer great strength and durability.
  • Designed for Uni-sex adults
  • Gives maximum protection in intense force or sudden shock.


  • They are designed for unpaved and rough surfaces to be better for street life.
  • They do not offer eye protection while on off-road trips. One must wear eyeglasses for eye safety.

MX-9 Adventure MIPS –All-Terrain Explorer

Bell has incorporated many new tech features in its quality products. That’s the one reason behind their success as a Top Moto Brand.

Bell has many off-road and street motto Helmets and Mx –9 Adventure MIPS is another leading article with adventure-oriented features.

It combines MIPS safety and style followed by more capability with anti-fog and anti-scratch clear visors. With that the Flipable shield has enough room for goggles in scorching weather conditions.

Features: –

  • MIPS energy management system reduces the energy impact and protects your head.
  • It offers multiple visors and shields.
  • It is suitable for street rides as well as for off-road rides
  • These have an anti-fog coating which gives a clear view during foggy weather
  • Designed with removable and washable anti-bacterial liner  
  • Made up of higher end polycarbonate material, which has high impact resistance for weight.
  • Best for male and female adults.


  • Ideal for all head sizes.
  • Combination and blend of off-road and street helmet features.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shells provide more comfort in all terrains.
  • A wide range of removable visors, cheek pads, and liners make it stretchier.
  • The velocity ventilation system allows fresh air in and moist air out.
  • E.C.E. (E.U.) and D.O.T. (U.S.) approved and certified.


  • Glasses are complimentary for this helmet.


How important is ventilation when choosing the best-ventilated dirt bike helmet?

Well,, this is a personal preference, but many riders feel adequate ventilation is essential in a dirt bike helmet. This is because riding can be strenuous and hot, so you want a helmet that will help keep you cool and comfortable. 

Of course, there is a trade-off between ventilation and noise levels, so it’s essential to find a balance that works for you.

How often should I replace my dirt bike helmet?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your Helmet every 3-5 years, even if it doesn’t appear damaged. This is because the materials in the Helmet can degrade over time, even if you don’t crash or drop it. But, if you crash or drop your Helmet, you should replace it immediately, regardless of how old it is.

Do I need to wear a dirt bike helmet if I’m not racing?

Yes, you should always wear a helmet when riding a dirt bike, regardless of whether you’re racing or not. Even if you’re riding around on a trail or in your backyard, there’s always a chance of an accident, so it’s best to be safe and wear a helmet.

Final Thoughts – which is the best ventilated dirt helmet?

Summing up, a wide range of dirt helmets are available in the market. It is always a challenge to decide what to choose from all. Which is your favorite?

Well, it all depends upon one’s choice and furthermore on the requirements.

We recommend the MX-9. It’s genuinely the go-anywhere and does–anything helmet. MX-9 Adventure has filled the vacuum in the market with its features. Moreover, if you are a budget oriented person then O’Neal 0200-215 or YEMA YM-925 are a perfect combination of budget and quality.

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