Top 5 and Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication System Devices

Helmet communication system devices always protect their user during bike riding travel. Moreover, wearing a helmet with a headset Bluetooth system is necessary for safety purposes and, no doubt, to keep safe from dangerous situations. 

With access to these devices, bike riding becomes easy, and riders can communicate in every situation during travel in remote and rural areas.

Here we have described our top 5 pics that would help you to choose the best dirt bike helmet communication system, so that you can get the best out of your budget.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication System in the Market:

Many helmet communication devices are available in the market, whereas most dirt bike riders use Bluetooth systems while some other microphone calls to communicate with their companion.

It’s totally up to you which one you choose, but here we have our top 5 pics that would help you make a well-informed choice for your next helmet. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Sena introduced the 20S-EVO-01 updated system that could connect 8 people in one group with the FM radio RDS. With a fixed antenna, you would get a more robust intercom facility even from longer distances. 

Sena didn’t only redesign its helmet communication system but also used multitasking technology, due to which you wouldn’t only get intercom conversation; simultaneously you can also listen to music.

Moreover, with a Bluetooth chip, the capacity to listen to the voice more conveniently increased. Its Bluetooth-paired devices would help you to use voice commands so that you could focus on the road only.


  • Eight people connected and communicated with each other individually.
  • Long-route travel is possible with a device battery timing of 12 hours and standby of 9 days.
  • From 2400 meters away, riders can communicate, and hand-free calls make all Bluetooth connect mobile phones, Iphones, and smartphones.
  • FM radio can connect with devices with dynamic noise control quality.
  • Flexible Communication links are more powerful through its mobile Application.


  • Latest handy button on-off control during the bike ride.
  • Easy function to use and updated headset system.
  • The quality of the speaker’s volume and voice is exceptional.


  • Communication range limitation.

Cardo Packtalk Bold/Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System. 

Cardo Packtalk first introduces Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC )features in Bluetooth devices. With this advanced technology, people would get automatically connected, coming into the range. Mesh technology of cardo provides the capability to connect with 15 riders at a distance of 1.6 km and a range of 5 miles. 

Without a hand and a focused eye on the road, the smartphone of Siri and Alexa can control operation and entertainment features. The natural voice operation system Cardo packtalk makes its features advance. 


  • Comes with a clear and sound configuration system.
  • With (DMC) Dynamic Mesh Communications, all groups are connected.
  • The Packtalk device is 6.5mm thick, slim and Aerodynamic, designed for the best helmet communication system.
  • It has a waterproof IP67 bluetooth device, so you don’t need to worry about bad weather.
  • 13 hours battery strength for talking and chargeable by 12V charger into the plug.
  • Facilities of private chat with one member while riding.


  • A complete guide for using the device. 
  • Configuration audio voice.
  • Strong Battery backup. 
  • Waterproof quality and access everywhere.


  • Voice can not increase on highways.

CARDO System Spirit Item The Dirt Bike Helmet Communication System

Cardo Bluetooth spiritT0001 is a good device version with stability and improved functionality. This helmet communication system for a dirt bike is waterproof and keeps you connected in rain, dust, Snow, or mud, no matter what it is.

Cardo spirit helmet communication system is a 2-way and BT intercom headset. The range of this system between two riders is 400m / 0.25m.

With this device, you can enjoy music directly from your smartphone that automatically adjusts with a reasonable volume. Moreover, this wireless Bluetooth system would provide you with a hustle-free connection. 


  • The 20 minutes fast charging keeps your headset talk time up to 2 hours. 
  • This device allows you to share music with a group and enjoy your favorite tune while riding.
  • A universal USB type and robust C will connect easily to any device.
  • Comes up with the quality of controlling the Phone and GPS with the help of finger touch.


  • Design perfectly into the helmet accordingly.
  • The life of the battery is good.
  • Fast charging quality with random chargers.
  • The wiring is not hard.


  • Outdated sound system.

Sena 50S Bike RiderJog Dial Communication Bluetooth Headset

The sena launch dirt bike helmet communication system model 50S is uniquely speakers by Harman Kardon. Most popular and expert for their excellent quality products, Herman Kardon gives the best services to Sena’s sound devices, microphones, and speakers.

No one product can compete with them for audio equipment.

Newly crafted Sena 50S microphone speakers provide a world-class audio experience.

Moreover, its headset Bluetooth speakers 50S are well known for their crystal clear audio to bike riders.


  • Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC)
  • Only one click for Robust performance.
  • With 20 minutes of charging, you would get the 2 hours of battery backup
  • Jog dial designing for glove-friendly riders.
  • Through a WiFi Adapter, firmware updates automatically.
  • Ability to connect 5 Bluetooth devices at once.


  • Great sound quality.
  • Pretty good intercom device.
  • 12 hours battery life.
  • App for device configuration 
  • Flexible mic system
  • Easy music setting function


  • Mesh needs to be more precise while setting up a group.
  • I Need to set the device before riding.

Cardo Systems Packtalk Edge KTM Edition, Single Pack.

Bluetooth Cardo system backtalk EDGE KTM single pack device is one of the best that can be connected in bad weather, rain Snow, mud dusk, with full waterproof quality. Without pressing a single button, with the natural voice operation give it a  command, and the Packtalk headset will do the rest.

Air mounting has been effortless and secured using the KTM Packtalk EDGE best dirt bike helmet communication system, as its magnetic mount works well.

15 riders could connect between the range of 1.6km and shared their view about the riding obstacle in remote and rural areas. All you need to do is download the latest software to connect the app to KTM Packtalk and keep the group updated.



  • PALTALK EDGE KTM helmet device is very close to mount, and the integrated magnets air mount bracket could easily connect to communication and can be locked automatically in place.
  • Unintentional active features are removed; you only need to press the button to release all device tasks.
  • Second-generation Dynamic Mash Technology used for the highest voice quality.
  • Universal connectivity from another brand of bluetooth devices. 
  • Using state-of-the-art technology to remove the antenna for compromising range.


  • Specific and elegant design.
  • The excellent sound quality of speakers.
  • Voice command accuracy is perfect.
  • Work effectively in bad weather.
  • Connected with a smartphone without pressing the button.


  • Complex function for understanding.

Final Thought 

These are the best helmet communication system devices available in the market but choosing the best one needs clarification to make the right decision. That’s why here we have the top 3 pics.

  • We recommend using SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System to get robust performance.
  • Suppose you want to get the most vital signals out of a device so that nobody could ever guess where you were talking, either from your house or ride. Here we recommend using Cardo PTB00001 – PACKTALK Bold Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System.
  • Cardo Systems Packtalk Edge KTM Edition, Single Pack, is your best pic if you want to get connected from a more extended range, too; that could even work in bad weather. 

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