Why Bell Dirt Bike Helmets Are Worth Buying?

Are you an enthusiastic and passionate biker? Are you ready to tear down the track with your crazy biking? Do not make a compromise on your safety! Let me introduce you to one of the best helmet brands. Of course! I’m talking about Bell Dirt Bike Helmets.

If you are seeking some quality helmets with the best ventilation, here you go! I have made the decision easier for you. Bell motocross helmets must be your go-to helmets. 

About Bell Dirt Bike Helmets:

The Bell company was established in the 1950s. Roy Ritcher was the founder of the company. He developed an entire industry to quench the thirst of speed-hungry cyclists. 

The Bell industry made progress leaps and bounds since its inception. The police department was quick to embrace the thriving brand all over the United States. 

As a result, the company became the greatest supplier of helmets to many departments. 

Roy Ritcher aimed at providing comfort, technology, and safety in a single piece of equipment. 

Bell helmets are full-face helmets and provide maximum face protection. The manufacturing material used in Bell helmets is fiberglass shell and carbon fiber. 

The inner shell consists of expanded polystyrene. Polystyrene ensures easy stacking and makes the headgear lightweight. The weight is almost 4.69 pounds. It is a DOT-certified helmet that ensures great safety and protection. 

I can not make you wait further. Let’s cut the hassle straight away. Have a look at some of the best features of bell dirt bike helmets.

Excellent Ventilation:

No one compromises on the fresh air during the assiduous rides. Right? Dirt bike junkies always go for helmets that have good ventilation. 

Youth bell helmets provide the best airflow to make your ride pleasant. If you are riding for long hours, they keep your head cool. And that’s not all. Good ventilation in a motocross helmet helps keep your visor fog-free. 

Zillion vents to make your ride airy and joyous! You heard it right. The Bell Dirt Bike Helmets have innumerable vents to maintain the flow of air. It maintains the route of air around the jaw. 

Lightweight & Fine Mobility:

A perfect helmet is light in weight and has good mobility. The Bell helmets are easy to handle as they are lightweight. Bell Bullitt Helmets are also ideal weight helmets. 

They have a mediocre range as they are neither too lardy nor delicate. They weigh 1.4 kg which is the ideal weight for modern helmets.

Besides, the helmets help you move your head with great ease. In the longer run, Bell Dirt Bike Helmets are easy to wear owing to their bearable weight. 

Outstanding Cleanability:

It is important to keep your headgear clean. Isn’t it? Everyone wants a helmet that is easy to clean and washable. I bet no one likes a stinky and dirty helmet.

The interior of the Bell Helmet is always prone to dirt and debris. Worry not! Your task is not that difficult! Mild soap and water would do a good job to clean your helmet. Ask me how. 

Umm. It is super simple. A gentle rubbing with soap and a slow water rinse is the perfect solution. 

Are you convinced now that how easy it is to wash Bell Motocross Helmets? I guess you are!

Caution! Do not use solvents or paints on your helmet. It might contribute to the immense damage. 

Ultimate Safety:

Multi-directional Impact Protection aka MIPS is one of the most advanced safety technologies. In bell helmets. MIPS has made a noticeable difference to make it safer. It minimizes a rotational effect from getting into your brain. 

Due to MIPS technology, the chances of falling or tripping over are very slim. It is a quick impact that has a good potential to ensure the largest safety. 

Besides, helmets like Bell Super 3R maintain safety with ever-changing trail needs. Yes! You can now own the trail with the amazing Bell helmets. 

The Bell Dirt Bike Helmets are an excellent blend of safety and technology. The brand has matchless features that make you enjoy everything you want. 

Warranty – Repair & Replacement:

The Bell helmets are the most durable and sturdy headgear. But we will recommend you should replace them after three years. And you know what? Bell offers a crash replacement program! The program offers a discount in case of an accident or mishap. 

How cool it sounds! You can take up Bell’s offer if your helmet got damaged as a result of a genuine problem. Be it Bell Moto 3 or Bell Mx 9 Adventure, you can get it replaced if the program applies to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Bell An Exceptional Brand Helmet?

The Bell Helmets are one of the most exceptional helmets on the market. They are a brutal combination of luxury, class, and technology. Either you go for Bell Broozer or Bell Moto 3, you won’t regret consuming your pennies. 

The helmets are a reminder of innovation and safety in a single piece of equipment. They have won the trust and admiration of bikers across the world. Outstanding ventilation, perfect fitting, and classic design are tremendous features of Bell helmets. 

No doubt, the Bell Dirt Bile Helmets have outshined the rest in recent years. They meet all the comfort and safety standards of biking junkies.

How Can I Clean My Helmet?

Mild soaps and baby shampoos make great helmet cleaners. A gentle rubbing with any of these would do wonders! If you want a thorough cleaning, you can dip your Bell helmet in a bucket or tub of foam.

It is necessary to dry the headgear well. You can either dry your helmet in sun or use a microfiber cloth. For detailed cleaning use an old toothbrush and clean the areas that are hard to reach. 

A few things are harmful to helmet cleaning. You must not use petroleum-based products, alcohol, or mineral spirits for cleaning. They do not make good cleansers for Bell Motocross Helmets.

What Is Bell Crash Replacement Program?

Bell crash replacement program offers a replacement opportunity in case of a mishap. If you met an unfortunate event or accident, Bell would be glad to replace your equipment at a discount. 

Bell has set criteria for qualifying for the replacement program. If you want to check your eligibility, you can send an email to the company. The email must contain the following information:

  • Model and serial number of helmet
  • Color and size 
  • An image of your broken Bell Helmet
  • The date of manufacture
  • Your shipping address

The company will respond to you shortly if your helmet meets the eligibility criteria.

Why Bell Helmets Are Good For Cycling?

The Bell Motocross Helmets are the go-to helmets of cyclists across the world. They have advanced safety features that make them ideal for cycling freaks. 

Bell helmets have pro-level technology to make daily trail-riding enjoyable for cyclists. These lightweight and durable helmets are the perfect options.

For those who love to roam around the town on a cycle or need a cycling recreation, a Bell helmet is all they need. They ensure easy adjustability and are comfortable to wear. No doubt, Bell helmets can be an outstanding choice for cyclists.

Can I Get Replacement Parts For Bell Dirt Bike Helmets?

Yes, you can get your helmet’s parts easily replaced. There are many online sites where you can find an extensive variety of spare parts. Bell accessories are available in all sizes and shapes. 

You can either get spare parts online or contact customer care services. The spare parts are cost-efficient with free shipping. 


Bell helmets have been outshining the helmet industry for the last few years. They come in all prices, sizes, and colors. Cyclists have been looking to the Bell helmets as their most-trusted headgear.

From being versatile to classy, the helmets are winning the hearts of cyclists. The extensive safety and outstanding features have made Bell helmets a trusted brand. It can help survive crashes and accidents and ensures premium safety for bikers. 

Besides, the Bell Motocross Helmets are known for being the most protective helmets. The company has never compromised on the quality and safety standards for users. 

If you are seeking exceptional headgear, Bell Dirt Bike Helmets must be your go-to option. You can select your favorite design and color from a wide variety of options. 

And the best thing is choosing a reasonable budget. There is a pretty large range of prices to choose from. From the most reasonable to the costliest, you can choose according to the budget.

The retro-inspired design and fabulous appearance have lent immense popularity to the brand. In short, the brand has all tremendous features to place it top of the list of the best helmets. 

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