Ultimate Guide to Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

Riding a dirt bike is the favorite adventure for your little one, and so is the Kids’ Dirt Bike Helmet. So, it’s the best sport for the youngsters. While your little one is learning bike riding, they will most likely learn from family members.

If you are a parent preparing your kid for dirt bike riding, you must know this sport. Your son or daughter may be excited about this adventure.

You must take some preventive measures to prevent this excitement level from spinning. As dirt biking is not a new sport, your child is most likely new to this fest. Your child must need some safety gear to avoid injury.

The most important thing is the youth dirt bike helmets hold your kid’s head closely. The protections provided by these helmets are the same as those of the adult’s helmet.

Remember that your child will struggle while learning dirt bike riding. So, they may fall. In such a case, the helmet, which is shock absorbent, will be very helpful for your kid.

Most children lost interest in the dirt biking sport after facing injuries. Or maybe the loss of internet after taking a few rides. Perfect safety gear is needed for these children to enjoy their rides while learning.

Suppose you are a beginner or have some experience with dirt bike sports. This ultimate guide about kids’ dirt bike helmet will help you choose dirt bike helmets for your kids, which will help your child to be safe from unwanted injuries and enjoy their rides.

How To Choose A Dirt Bike Helmet For Your Kid?

Choosing a dirt bike helmet for kids is a challenging task. In this article, I will help you with this task. How can you choose a helmet for your kid, and which features and factors do you have to consider while buying a dirt helmet for your kid?

1.       For Beginner Child:

 Every beginner who tries to ride a bike must often fall. When it comes to children, it’s most frequent then. Children always know about their likes and dislikes. Try not to force your child to wear an uncomfortable helmet while a beginner.

 Always give priority to their comfort. Choose a fit and comfortable helmet for your kids and buy them a new helmet. Never buy an already used helmet. They can enjoy their ride when the helmet is the right fit and comfortable.

2.       Want To Replace Or Advance The Kids Dirt Bike Helmet:

If you are considering upgrading your kid’s helmet or want to replace it with a better one, look for the following feature in the new helmet.

  1. Choose the helmet having features close to an adult’s helmet.
  2. Some additional features which are not there in the old one.
  3. Check for breathing box exhaust.
  4. Broader visor or eyepiece.
  5. Lightweight, which will be easy for your kid to carry.
  6. Try to buy a helmet that resembles an adult’s helmet. As a result, your child will be prepared to use an adult’s helmet after a few years.
  7. Inner comfortable lining

3.       Male or Female:

As for kids, almost all the products are manufactured by the manufacturer. Go through kids fox youth helmets, and your child will make the rest selection for themselves.

4.       Your budget:

The main issue of parents when buying accessories or gear for their children is the item should be within their budget. First, don’t compromise on safety, comfort, and quality over money. But o the other hand also do not exceed your budget.

If you can’t buy an expensive safety helmet for your child, it’s a risk for his safety. And if you buy an uncomfortable helmet for him is also a risk for his safety. Wearing an inexpensive fit helmet is far better than wearing no helmet.

So, while selecting a helmet, make comfortableness a priority while staying within your budget.

Features To Be Considered In Youth bike Helmets:

In every safety gear, there are many features. They are offering these features on a fixed budget. So, in this section, I will tell you what features you should consider while buying helmets.

1.    Weight of the helmet:

Heavy helmets are a hurdle in riding for kids, especially for newbies. It makes the wearer uncomfortable while riding.

Now manufacturers are using light and hard materials to form kids’ dirt bike helmet. On every helmet, the weight is mentioned in grams or pounds. Always choose a light helmet for children.

2.    Manufacturing Materials:

Weight, safety, durability, and comfort are all related to the materials used to form kids’ dirt bike helmet. Strong Polymers like polycarbonate are used for the outer shell, and polystyrene is used for making the inner linings of the helmet.

These alloys are used to make them light in weight, durable, comfortable, and qualitative, sometimes to enhance safety.

3.    Design and Fashion:

Children like colorful items. In the best design and style, your child will look like a hero on a ride. Your child must look cool while enjoying the adventure of dirt bike sport.

Many bike helmets manufacturing companies are designing awesome kids’ helmets like fox racing youth helmets and many more. The designer helmet can be costly.

4.    Exhaust Ports and Air Vents:

Helmets with a sound ventilation system help keep the helmet’s inner lining dry and cool. Properly placed vents allow hot air to exchange with the fresh and cold air. A sound ventilation system enhances the comfort of a helmet.

5.    Inner lining:

Always buy a helmet for your kid which is washable. The inner lining must be removable and washable. So, you can clean it easily. The feature of antimicrobial or antibacterial will also be kept in mind.

6.    Safety Ensuring Certificates:

A helmet aims to use as safety gear. Bikers want to prevent themselves from injuries, so they wear a helmet. To ensure that the helmet is compatible with the safety checking departments terms and conditions, you have to check some of the following certificates:

7.    Economic Commission for Europe (ECE):

In Europe, the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) supervises the safety and protection level of helmets by setting a standard level of safety for dirt bike helmets. They are in the struggle to enhance the safety and protection of bike travelers around Europe.

8.    Department of Transportation (DOT) USA:

In the USA, the transportation department takes care of the protection and safety level of the helmets by pointing to their standard level for protection. Always choose helmets that exceed or at minimum meet the standard level of protection. Do not compromise on safety.

9.    Snell:

A nonprofitable organization in the United States of America came into being after the death of a racer from a head injury. Now they are also working on approving helmets according to their protection standard.

Helmets for dirt bikes sold by fox racing helmet youth are according to the protection standard level of DOT, ECE, And snells. Before buying any helmet for your kid, verify the safety rating certificates.

Measuring and Sizing of Kid’s Head for Dirt Bike Helmet:

From the article’s start, we focus on the helmet’s fitness. A fit helmet plays a vital role in comfort while the child enjoys their ride. Unfit helmets increase discomfort and instead work as safety gear. They can become a way for accidents.

Here are some tips while measuring your child’s head for a helmet. Follow these before purchasing:

●        Use of Measuring Tape:

Use a soft measuring tape to find the size of your child’s head for the helmet. Put the tape an inch above the eyes and half an inch above the ears. Wraps around and notes down the size.

●        Compare with Brands Offering Size:

The point to remember here is every helmet manufacturing brand offers different sizes. You should compare your child’s head size with each brand’s size.

●        Try the Helmet Before Using:

As we mentioned, each manufacturer offers different sizing for dirt bike helmets. So, it would be best if you tried the helmet before using it. It will be conducive to finding the fighting helmet for your kid.

While trying the helmet, let your child speak while wearing the helmet. Choose the helmet in which he can sputter.

●        Pro Tip:

The helmet you buy for your kid will be a new experience for them. So before the ride, let them wear the helmet to get used to it.

Fitting Dirt Bike Helmet on Child’s Head:

Wearing a helmet is a good habit. But when it does not fit properly on the child’s head, he is not getting the safety we expect from the helmet. Wearing a fitted helmet is the same as wearing no helmet.

You can fit the helmet properly on your kid’s head by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. The helmet should be of the correct size.
  2. Helmets are usually adjustable and come with more pads. Check each one and take the most fitted one.
  3. There are two straps on either side of the helmet. Adjust these straps.
  4. A chin strap is also present in every helmet, so adjust that.
  5. Check the helmet again and again with some duration while your kid is enjoying the dirt sport.


The goal of a dirt bike helmet for kids is to ensure their safety. In addition to the helmet, we also have to buy our kids dirt bike boots to enhance the protection.

After all, the helmet should be fit, fancy, comfortable, and washable. Light weight helmets are recommended for kids’ dirt bike sports. Buy a fit and perfect helmet for your kids to keep them protected from injuries and let them enjoy their dirt bike sports.

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