Fox Racing Helmets: Everything You Need To Know


Every rider has a different priority regarding helmets. It would be related to style, safety and performance. Fox Racing Helmet manufacturers always consider these aspects while making helmets.

No two dirt bikers have the same likes and dislike for helmets. Fox racing helmets developed various models in dirt bikes helmets, fulfilling every biker’s needs rather than being experienced or beginner.

To protect those bikers who want to take part in bike racing, fox racing designed their helmets for them. The helmets are equipped with advanced technology and features to provide complete protection in case of any incident, which ensures your head is safe in case of falling on a racing track.

Shapes In Racing Helmets:

Shapes and sizes are fundamental in helmets. So, every rider gets a fitting helmet according to his requirements. Fox racing helmets are available in three shapes in the market.

1.    Round Oval-Shaped:

This type of helmet fits those heads with similar measurements from all sides: measurements from side to side and from back to front.

2.    Intermediate Oval-Shaped:

Riders more frequently use these helmets. Riders have longer heads slightly from back to front than from left to right using this helmet.

3.    Long oval-shaped:

These are rare helmets not used more often but fit for those with longer heads from front to back and side.

Sizing a Fox Racing Helmet:

To increase the safety level, you need a properly fitting helmet for riding a find the best fit helmet, you must follow some steps to measure your head size.

  1. Use measuring tape usually used by tailors.
  2. Wrap around your head.
  3. Make sure the tape meets accurate front and back points.
  4. Determine your size.
  5. If you are measuring your head, ask for help from someone else.

After taking measurements, compare your measurement with the chart size below.

  1. Adult X-Small: Fits 20.87 inches to 21.26 inches
  2. Adult Small: Fits 21.65 inches to 22.05 inches
  3. Adult Medium: Fits 22.44 inches to 22.83 inches
  4. Adult Large: Fits 23.23 inches to 23.62 inches
  5. Adult X-Large: Fits 24.02 inches to 24.41 inches

MIPS Technology:

A multi-directional impact protection system is mainly used to reduce the rotational forces many impacts have caused. This MIPS technology is used in Fox V1 racing helmets, which manage energy from high angular and rotational motion.

The MIPS helmets help reduce strain compared to those with no MIPS system.

Features Of The Fox Racing Helmets

Fox racing helmets are very comfortable for beginner riders. Mainly composed of polycarbonate shells which resist injury during falling. We are going to mention some features of fox racing helmets here.


The fox racing helmets are very light in weight, which makes them comfortable to wear as a beginner.


The properly ventilated system is the charm of these helmets. Beautifully placed vents allow fresh air to come in and replace hot and wet air, which keeps the helmet dry. This ventilation system also prevents overheating.


Wide varieties are available for every kind of rider. Different riders have different choices. So, Fox racing helmets have various options for every type of head shape and size, from beginner to expert level.

Safety Certificates:

Fox helmets are according to safety regulations of ECE and DOT. They are certified by these institutions.

Different Sizes Of Fox Youth Racing Helmets

Fox Racing also manufactures youth dirt bike helmets. There are two types of it. One is V1, and the other is V3

Both are of all most the exact sizes but let’s have a look at them:

  1. Small: Fits 18 ½ inches to 19 inches
  2. Medium: Fits 19 ½ inches to 19 ¾ inches
  3. Large: Fits 20 inches to 20 ½ inches

Mostly Used & Well-Known Models

We are going to enlight some of the famous and most used fox racing helmets:

1.    Proframe Mountain Bike Helmets

As the name reveals that the helmet is related to mountain bikers. Some of the features are the following:

  1. It is a full-face helmet.
  2. It is integrated with the chin bar.
  3. Proper vents enhance airflow.
  4. Helmets are lightweight.
  5. They used MIPS Technology in the formation of these helmets.
  6. EPS liner has dual density.

Proframe mountain helmets are super cool for riders who love riding on hilly trails. Having advanced safety options made it more suitable for riding.

2.    Full-face Helmets

Full face helmet means it will cover your head from all around. Most riders use these helmets. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of that:


  1. Protects chin and face
  2. Also protect from wind, bugs, cold, sun, rain and particles getting into eyes.
  3. The significant advantage is the tinted visor.

Full-face helmets are more likely good for beginner kids and girls bikers. These helmets are comfortable and have far more safety than open helmets.


  1. Putting them on for the first time feels like isolation or claustrophobia.
  2. Due to a fit and fully covered face, you feel less accessible and stifled.
  3. On sunny days it gets hot and wet.
  4. It will be tiring on long rides.
  5. Due to the tinted visor, you have to remove it in several places.
  6. You will not hear properly.
  7. Provide a limited field of vision.

3.    Rampage Helmets

These are stylish helmets in the fox helmets collection. Some noticeable features are below:

  1. Rampage helmets are affordable.
  2. Light in weight.
  3. Shell is made of injected-moulded ABS.
  4. The vents are large.
  5. Better airflow for keeping the helmet dry.
  6. Adjustable sun visor
  7. MIPS installed

The helmet is lightweight, and the shell is made of fibreglass. The sun visor is adjustable according to your requirements. It is not expensive, that’s why many riders like it.

4.    Fox Dropframe MTB Helmets

Drop frame helmets are one of those helmets that won Virginia technologies’ best rating award. Whi9ch was held for the Bicycle Review program. One of the best open-face helmets in the fox helmet collection.

Due to its MIPS technology, excellent ventilation system, and Varizorb linear, it is considered the best open-face mountain helmet.

Some Of the features are as follows:

  1. It provides more protection than an open-face mountain helmet
  2. Give extra protection to jaws, ears and head.
  3. Maximum face protection.
  4. Highly breathable.
  5. Extremely lightweight.
  6. Affordable.

5.    Fox V1 Helmet

The most comfortable and liked helmet among the youth of the bike community is Fox V1 Helmets. Due to its high safety features, it has become the most competitive helmet in the market.

Some features are stated below:

  1. MIPS system installed. Research proved that a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) reduces rotational forces produced due to impact.
  2. A releasable visor is installed, which will be put off during the crash.
  3. Best and improved airflow and moisture management system
  4. EPS sizes and six shells make it fitter to head size.
  5. The removable and washable inner lining and Pads

6.    FOX V2 Helmet

While in mid-level dirt bike helmets, fox V@2 helmets signify safety and quality. It includes an advanced feature set like a Multi-directional Impact protection system, Motor vehicle records, and Expanded polystyrene (EPS) having dual-density linear.

Some of the features are as follows:

  1. High protection Shell
  2. Varizorb EPS liner
  3. Releasable visor
  4. Fit and comfortable
  5. this helmet can use in competitive ridings
  6. MIPS installed

Overall the helmet is designed very amazingly and has fit and comfort features. You can use helmets during racing as well as everyday road riding. The MIPS enhance its safety. After all the protective measures, you can ride with much more confidence.

7.    FOX V3 Helmet White

It is one of the best helmets used in pro-racing competitions. The helmet is integrated with advanced safety and also confront features. The helmet will keep your head cool by resisting hot air.

Some features are as follows:

  1. MIPS installed. It helps in reducing rotation produced by the impact.
  2. Integrated with MRVs system.
  3. The releasable sun visor is placed. So, the visor can easily remove during a crash.
  4. Highly protected shells are essential in protecting your headband face during unwanted situations.
  5. Performance and comfort are the gold standards.
  6. It is highly ventilated.
  7. Lightweight.
  8. Different athletes in world championships use them.

The best helmet you can get for your off-road adventures and championships. All the latest features are there in the helmet. The design is also perfect. These helmets are famous for tough condition racing.

8.    FOX ATV Helmet

While you have bought an ATV and now you must be going crazy to have fun with that. Before playing with ATV, you must have property safety gear. One of the safety gear is a helmet.

It will keep you protected during any ugly situations with your ATV. I prefer a helmet for your loved ones to be safe while riding ATV. The fit and comfortable helmet will enhance safety.

Final Words:

According to the above information, fox racing provides the best helmets to the biker community. Remember, all helmets have an export date, so do not use helmets after that date. Also, replace your helmets after any impact.

According to company policy, dispose of helmets after 4-5 years. Use helmets until you are sure about their safety. Choose the best helmets for your riding journey, like fox racing helmets. Select that helmet which fits you correctly.

Check helmet weight, latest features and safety certificate must. Purchase a helmet which is correctly matching your personality.

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