Custom Dirt Bike Helmets – An Ultimate Guide

I understand how difficult it is to locate the perfect custom dirt bike helmets, given that I’ve been through it myself. There are various variables to consider when picking the perfect helmet. Wearing a helmet also protects you from significant injuries, allows you to ride more smoothly, and shields you from sunlight and pollution.

If you have a helmet, you can also modify it. Custom dirt bike helmets and bell custom motocross helmets are a great way to express your personality. It gives your bike a unique look and makes you stand out.

You can personalize your helmet with graphics kits or paint it whatever colors you choose. This article will discuss how to customize your helmet, including helmet graphics kits, custom helmet paint, customizable motocross helmets, and custom-painted MX helmets. After reading and knowing everything about designing your helmet, I am sure that you will be surprised by the various tips and tricks.

The Basics Of Customizing Your Bike Helmet!

If you decide to customize your bike helmet, make sure it is designed to meet safety regulations and will keep you safe on the road. Some helmets are pretty light and can be painted with water-based acrylic paint, so they aren’t solely for protection.

A unique type of solvent is used in better custom helmets to preserve motorcycle helmet shells, and those paints are very safe.

If you want to customize the helmet, it might not be as simple as adding stickers or pin striping, or you might want to paint it a different color or add a stenciled design, airbrush, or something that is a unique-looking helmet designed just for you. You can get a helmet custom-made and designed by a good professional based on your preferences and choices, but it will require a lot of research and cost you a lot of time and money.

Types of Dirt Bike Helmets

Nowadays, many types of motorcycle helmets are available in the market, with no known safety standards. They all have the same motto of providing protection and safety, but some differ from others. It offers more protection than

Choosing the best among them is entirely up to you, so you need to understand all the required information factors about them. When you are well aware of the different types of motorcycle helmets, it will be much easier to find the right one for you.

Let us now try to learn the most prominent types of helmets here in the industry:

Motorcycle helmets are classified into six types:

Full-Face Helmet

A full-face helmet provides the most protection for your head and neck. It is rated as the safest motorcycle helmet to prevent possible effects. This helmet is an excellent choice for all motorcycle riders, regardless of the type of bike they ride or where they ride.

Athletic riders sit hunched over and require a helmet that does not lift at fast speeds. As a result, they prefer helmets with a lengthy chin bar and a visor hole that slopes slightly toward the top of the helmet. Most full-face helmets have ventilation holes that let sweat escape, and visors help to keep you cool while riding. Bell made the best Bell Motocross Helmets for full face.

Modular Helmet

A modular helmet, often known as a flip-up helmet, is a combination of a 3/4 helmet and a full-face helmet. It is because it can flip the chin bar and visor back to reveal the front of the helmet.

Its design, material, and fit are similar to full-face helmets. These include an eye-protecting visor and a secondary inner visor to protect the eyes from sunlight.

Due to the additional design in the flip-up front, modular helmets weigh a bit more than regular helmets.

It provides more protection than a ¾ or ½ helmet due to the additional chin protection.

Open Face Helmet

A ¾ helmet, often known as an open face helmet, allows bikers to cover the top and sides of their heads while leaving the face uncovered. These helmets are popular among scooters, cafe racers, tourists, and cruisers because they have an open face for air or better ventilation.

The only feature of this ¾ helmet is that it does not have a chin bar, which on the one hand, significantly reduces the safety of your motorcycle.

Additionally, the helmet is open and does not shield you from rain or uneven trails.

They may include a partial or complete face visor to shield your eyes and face from the sun, or you may have to purchase the portion separately.

Half Helmets

Half helmets provide very little protection by covering the top of your head and the region between your brows.

Shields cover the back of your neck and ears but expose the rest of your face.

You will need to buy extra protection because these helmets lack a visor or face shield. Although these helmets provide good circulation and ventilation, they provide significantly less protection than full-face or 34 helmets.

While providing decent airflow, these helmets provide far less protection than full-face or 34 helmets.

Off-Road Helmet

Off-road helmets, as the name implies, are made for use on rocky, bumpy, and narrow trails, both on and off-road. They are not the best choice for metropolitan or highway driving, but they are ideal for situations that require a chunky tire, unlike full and 34 helmets, which have a bigger visor and a sharper chin bar for greater ventilation.

They are often designed to provide maximum protection with the least amount of weight and more excellent airflow.

Dual-Sport Helmet

Dual-sport helmets include both off-road and full-face helmets. It has a big visor to protect your eyes. You may also lower it to use with glasses.

The visor does not extend upward like an off-road helmet since it is aerodynamic. Furthermore, the chin bar is not as large as an off-road helmet, resulting in better soundproofing and much less noise. This style of the helmet provides a sense of security. They serve as a bridge between the two styles, capable of both on- and off-road use.Mx9 bell Helmet is best for dual sports.

Why Bell Mx 9 Helmets Is Best?

Mx9 Bell offers a diverse range of helmet designs in a variety of colors. Dirt bike helmets come in a variety of styles for both men and women. Mx9 motocross helmets are excellent for all types of riders. Bikers can also design their helmets based on their priorities; the good news is that you can also customize your helmet from them.

Bell mx9 helmets are quite good quality and can satisfy your needs if you’re looking for safe ventilation.MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a non-slip pad that has been employed to prevent rotational movement in the brain.

MX-9 Bell Adventure DLX MIPS has this safety feature! The MX-9 Adventure has MIPS anti-fog, anti-scratch, pro-tint photo chromate face shield, DOT and ECE certification, and a five-year warranty.

The Bell Helmets MX 9Adventure DLX MIPS helmet is one of the lightest ADV helmets available, at 3 pounds 10.8 ounces (1668 grams).

Its weight is felt throughout, so you won’t have any issues wearing it. When going off-road, the MX-9 makes no extra noise at the top. The Pro-Tint Photo Chromatic Shutter is a crucial element of the Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS.

One of the main advantages of the Bell MX Helmet DLX MIPS is its Pro-Tint photo chromatic face shield. It shields bikers from darkness and quickly stabilizes light, helping to stabilize light to make a real difference on bright, sunny days.


Finally, we can say that custom helmet paintings are a sport. Do your homework if you want custom-painted helmets. A customized helmet can make you stand out in a crowd, but choosing a stunning design and color is an art. Choose a design that passes safety standards and traffic laws, and select a helmet that fits your style.

Modify it according to the requirements; you can give it a lovely color or change something; if you want to make a large modification, you will need a lot of information, which we have provided. A good artisan or manufacturer must be found along with investing time and money. If you are looking for a covered face covering helmet, Bell Company’s Bell Race Star Flex DLX and Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmets are the best. This custom dirt bike helmets article covers it all

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